PizzeRIA evaluation

PizzeRIA evaluation is a cross-platform data visualization app that runs smoothly at 60 frames per second on mobile, web and desktop.

The application is based on the Flex 4 version of PizzeRIA evaluation (web) of the PizzeRIA web example.
To increase performance the original Flex 4 components were replaced by the latest Feathers UI Components.
Feathers components run on top of the Starling Framework and the Adobe Flash runtimes offering blazing fast GPU powered graphics to create a smooth and responsive experience.

The PizzeRIA evaluation app for Android simulation (flash) shows a fully functional simulation of the PizzeRIA evaluation app for Android.

App features:

  • rich ui components
  • 60 frames per second using GPU acceleration
  • responsive design that adapts to screenresolution and DPI
  • model-view-controller-service architecture with the Robotlegs 2 ActionScript Application Framework
  • data-transfer using Zend_amf and HMAC message authentification
  • cross-platform application - same code base for mobile, web and desktop (*)
(*) as an app on mobile, with the Flash-Player on the web and with Adobe AIR on the desktop