Web examples

In this section Dart, Actionscript, Flex and AIR applications are shown that demonstrate the fast responsiveness of Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Since RIA technologies operate on the client side, serverload is reduced. This also means that a more lightweight server can be used.

Photo puzzle
(uses: StageXL, Dart, JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL)

Photo puzzle is a puzzle game based on a photo (jpg, png, gif or tiff) on users' computer / mobile device. It is a 100% client side HTML5 application written in Dart.

PizzeRIA web example
(uses: Flex 4, Robotlegs, AS3 Signals, AIR, AMF, PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL)

The PizzeRIA web example shows an orderform application and an evaluation application for an imaginary pizza service.

RIAmaze generator
(uses: Flex, bitmap manipulation and export)

The RIAmaze generator shows a mazegenerator that can save mazes to the user's harddisk without any server processing.

(uses: Flex 4 modular, Flex Runtime Shared Libraries, Robotlegs 1 modular)

The Dynmodules modular Flex Application demonstrates the communication between dynamically loaded modules in a Flex application.